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 Searching for Subsidized Care Disclaimer


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It is important for you to know that your family information needs to be shared among the participating contractors in order to get subsidized care. However, all Contractors are required to follow the State of California’s strict regulations about confidentiality that safeguard the information captured in the Santa Cruz County CEL.

One of the first steps in applying for subsidized care is to sign the Release of Information. Failure to do so will prevent your family from participating in subsidized child development programs participating in this CEL. The ROI reads as follows:

  1. I declare under penalty of perjury that the information provided is complete and true to the best of my knowledge.
  2. I understand my family’s eligibility will be based upon information given here and that documentation will be required prior to enrollment.
  3. In order to remain active on the Santa Cruz County Centralized Eligibility List, I must keep my information current.
  4. This application will remain active until an update form is sent from the CEL Administrator, SCCPA Voucher Project, requesting that my family be updated. This form will be sent at least once a year. If I fail to respond to any update request, my family will no longer be actively considered for subsidized services through the CEL partner programs.
  5. The Santa Cruz County Centralized Eligibility List Program has my permission to share this information with other public and non-public participating agencies that provide childcare or other social services in conjunction with administration of the Santa Cruz County Centralized Eligibility List. Information will also be provided to the California Department of Education as part of its administration of the Santa Cruz County Centralized Eligibility List.

If you agree and understand the above disclaimer, proceed with your search by clicking on,  "I Understand and Agree" button.

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