Application Instructions

Take the Next Step
Your next and final step is to complete the Santa Cruz County CEL application so that you are in the system and your information is ready for any funding for subsidized care opportunity that may become available. 

You need to apply only once at the Santa Cruz County CEL office or to any of the participating agencies for your application to be shared among all participating childcare services.  Download and complete the application and provide a copy of your income (your last month pay stubs and any other document needed to prove other income), and if attending school, a copy of your school schedule. 

1) Download and Print the Standard Intake Form PDF and the Release of Information (ROI) PDF
2) Copy and Attach Your Childcare Providers Information
3) Provide Your Proof of Income
4) Provide Your Child’s birth certificate (only for children seeking services)

5) Do not forget to sign the ROI
Instructions for downloading the Standard Intake Form
Download instructions for Windows NT/98/XP

English Form

1. Click here.
2. Select the Save File As... option from the pull-down menu that appears. 
3. Choose the destination file where you want to save the file. 
4. Click Save and the file will begin to download to the chosen location. 

Instrucciones para bajar la forma de elegibilidad
Instrucciones para Windows NT/98/XP

Forma Española
1. Click aquí.
2. Del menu File, seleccione la opcion “Save As”
3. Guarde la forma proporcionandole un nombre y lugar adecuado.
4. Seleccione “Save” y la forma sera guardada en el lugar elegido.
You may send the application by mail or submit it in person at SCCPA's office or at any of the Santa Cruz Count CEL partner centers or agencies.

Fax all documents to: 831-688-2156

Mail or deliver it in person at:
Santa Cruz County CEL
9047 Soquel Dr., Ste D
Aptos, CA  95003

How long will it be before I am chosen?
The Santa Cruz County CEL is not a waiting list.  Families are ranked based on family need, income, and if there are siblings participating in the Program.  Providing a family with childcare also depends on availability of funds.  We enroll when money is available.  Money is available when a child withdraws or when we receive additional funds from the state.  We are unable to determine when additional funds will be available. 

What happens when I am chosen?
When your family is on top of the eligible list according to state requirements, we will contact you and set an appointment for you to provide additional proof of income and need for childcare.

What should I do until then?
Keep your information current by calling us as soon as any information you provided changes.  Contact us with changes in your address, phone number, family size, and/or income.  Changes in your information may impact your eligibility status allowing you to participate in the program sooner.  If your information does not change, you still need to contact us at least once every six months to ensure that your information is current and to let us know that you still need childcare.  If we do not hear from you within six months of the date of your application, your application becomes inactive. 

How do I update my application?
Call Santa Cruz County CEL Office at (831) 688-2193
or for those calling from outside the 831 area code dial 1-888-241-0775.