Since it's inception in 1976, the Parents Association has had an ongoing commitment to the following goals:

  • To provide a forum in which concerned parents can identify their unmet needs, and to seek support for the development of methods by which to address those needs.

  • To assist in the development of activities and programs which meet the needs of, and are responsive to, participating parents.

  • To provide organizational support to newly developed programs and groups whose goals are consistent with those of the Parents Association, and to assist these programs in achieving financial and organizational independence.

  • To coordinate the energies and resources of existing community organization in order to make available to parents a broad range of support services

In addition, the Voucher Project has its own set of program objectives. They are as follows:

  • To provide child development services to families living in Santa Cruz County who are eligible for services under the guidelines and regulations governing alternative payment programs as set forth by the State Department of Education, Child Development Division.

  • To provide maximum parent choice in child care arrangements by making payment to child care providers at the rate charged by each provider to private paying families, and by making payment to providers in a timely and efficient manner.

  • To provide for continuity of services to families certified through the Voucher Project by maintaining the accuracy of the computerized projection system and by regularly monitoring the program's service and expenditure levels.

  • To provide for continuity of program funding by maintaining internal fiscal and program controls which meet or exceed the requirements of the agency's independent auditor, the State Department of Education's Funding Terms and Conditions, and the standards set forth in the State Department of Education's Program Quality Review Requirements for Alternative Payment Programs.

  • To provide information to parents served by the voucher project regarding the services and resources available in Santa Cruz County

  • To make information available to parents served by the Voucher Project about a broad range of subjects which may include, but are not limited to, family health issues nutrition, parenting issues, family finance issues, and training and employment issues.

  • To make information available to child care providers serving Voucher Project children as requested or required.

  • To provide a helpful and congenial atmosphere for parents certified through the Voucher Project, for child care providers serving Voucher Project children, and for families interested in becoming certified through the Voucher Project.

  • To coordinate with the child care community in the development and maintenance of child care services in Santa Cruz County.

  • To coordinate with other community agencies, programs, and groups which provide services to families and children.

  • To advocate for quality child care services which meet the needs of parents and children, parental choice in child care, and professionalism in the child care field.

  • To provide a congenial and supportive working atmosphere for the Voucher Project staff.